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Deadline for July/August 2016 issue is June 8, 2016.

Historic high traffic area. I-70 West from Denver. Immediate lease opportunity, your equipment, high quality soft serve-custard. Area totally void of these products. New developments forthcoming. 303/567-4470.

Equipment for Sale
Manitowoc Ice Maker QD0213W-$950.
True Under Counter Refrigerator TUC-12-$600.
Bev-Air 69” Flavor Rail- $1,200.
Electro Freeze Soft Serve 30T-RMT-137-$7.500.
Electro Freeze Soft Serve 88T-RMT-137-$6,500.
Flavorburst FB 80-$3,200.
Electro Freeze Slush 877-$1,400
Vita-Mix VMO 126 Like New-$1,200
Shaerer Ambient Automatic Espresso- $5,200
Meilink Floor Safe-$750
Equipment in excellent condition. Pictures available. Equipment located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Contact Chris at 616/644-4422 or

Crunchi-Crème unit by Flavorburst for sale. All updates performed, extra equipment included call armamndo at tasty swirl $1,295 OBO. 570?848-2545 or 570/499-5909.