The National Dipper Classifieds

Classified ads are $54 minimum, $1.80 per word, (30 words). Any word with two letters or less is not considered a word for the purposes of calculating the cost of the ad. Bold face words are not included in the $54 minimum and are $2.00 per word additional. New product, display advertising, and companies whose regular products and/or services are being advertised are not accepted in the classified section. Payment must accompany order. No phone, faxes or credit card orders. Classified ads are non-commissionable.

Deadline for May/June 2015 issue is April 8, 2015.

For Sale: Used slush and shake machine. Sandwich prep table. Dip freezer. 3-place stainless steel sink and many various miscellaneous ice cream equipment. Contact Little Squirt Sports Park. 419/228-4263.