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_____March/April 2016
2016 Industry Outlook – Q & A; Soft Serve Machines, Cleaning and Sanitizing Tips; Cleaning AND Sanitizing, the AND, the WHY and the Dangerous Myths of the Industry; A Make-Over with a Hand from Uncle; What Store Owners Do to Hire The Best

_____ May/June 2016
Get Creative with Waffle Cones; Recognizing Drug Use in the Workplace; Partnering Tax Savings, An Increasingly Popular Business Entity; Are Our Smartphones Outsmarting Us? – 5 Steps to Taking Back Your Brain

_____ July/August 2016
Italian Ice, Sorbet, Slushes…Very Profitable Menu Items; Is Your Company Posting Without a Plan? Eleven Essential Components of a Successful Social Media Strategy

_____ September/October 2016
Oh No! She Knows Everything; Pay For Performance Trend in Public Relations; Ten Tips for Effectively Handling Customer Complaints; Overtime Rule Changes, How to Prepare Your Frozen Dessert Store

_____ November/December 2016
2017 Promotion Planning Guide & Industry Events Calendar; 2016 NICRA Promotion of the Year Award Submissions

_____ January/February 2017
25th Annual Source Book, Alphabetical Manufacturer Listings; Trade & Brand Names; Product Listings; State Distributor Listings

_____ March/April 2017
2017 Industry Outlook; New Nutrition Facts Label

_____ May/June 2017
Seven Differences Between Generation Z and Millennials as They Enter the Workforce; Experiential Interviews – Four Steps to Help You Identify Superior Talent; Hiring New Employees – The Interview Process; Company Policies & Responsibilities; Coming Attraction: A Cashless World

_____ July/August 2017
Retailer’s Biggest Loss: Employee Theft: One of Three Employees Steals at Work; Here’s How to Detect and Combat It; Are You Leaving Your Beneficiaries a Tax Time Bomb?; Store Security

_____September/October 2017
Fall & Winter Promotions (Have Fun Promoting); Accident Proof your Store (One-Fifth of all Work Related Injuries Occurred in the Retail Trade); The Five Practices – 30 Years Later – Why the Practices of Great Leadership Stay the Same as the World Changes Around Them

_____ November/December 2017
2018 Promotion Planning Guide & Industry Events Calendar; 2017 Promotion of the Year Submissions: Dairy Corner; Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream; Homestead Creamery; Queen City Creamery

_____ $35 –  January/February 2018
26th Annual Source Book, Alphabetical Manufacturer Listings; Trade & Brand Names; Product Listings; State Distributor Listings