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_____May/June 2011
How to Determine the Accurate Cost of Mix; Calculate Your Cost Per Serving and Gross Profit; Understanding the Process to Make Traditional Gelato, Sorbetto or Ice Cream; Technology Update 2011: Choosing ECRs and POS Systems; NEW Profit Packed Ideas; The Next Great Ice Cream Flavor; With Co-Workers Like These, Who Needs Enemies? Book Review: Business Plans Kit for Dummiers, 3rd Edition.

_____July/August 2011
Innovation and Trends in Cake Decorating; Frigid Festivities; What to Look for When Shopping for Ice Cream and Novelty Display Freezers; The Scoop on Cheap Profitable Marketing Ideas; Nine Body Language Dos and Don’ts to Help You Win in the Business World; The Business of Growing.

_____September/October 2011
Sizzling Sales with Sno-Kones® and Shave Ice; Frozen Beverages; The Importance of a Specialty Distributor; The Value of an Equipment Distributor; The 4Gs of Smartly Growing Your Business in Good Times and Bad; Good Service is Good Business – American Consumers Willing to Spend More With Companies that Get Service Right According to an American Express Survey; Deductions: Get Them While You Can.

_____November/December 2011
2012 Promotional Planning Guide & Industry Events Calendar; Operation Firefly – Nine Ways to Ignite Innovation Inside Your Company…and Light Your Way Out of the Recession; Advertising, Marketing, Entertaining and Deducting.

_____January/February 2012
20th Annual Source Book, Alphabetical Manufacturer Listings; Trade & Brand Names; Product
Listings; State Distributor Listings.

_____March/April 2012
2012 Industry Outlook; Mystery Shopping; Adding Frozen Custard to Your Store-What to Look for When Buying a Machine; Praise for a Job Well Done!

_____May/June 2012
The Second Coming of Frozen Yogurt: Pros and Cons of Self Serve; Advantages and Disadvantages of Self Serve; How to Fill a Soft Serve Cone; Proper Dipping Techniques; Safety with a Tax Deduction; Motivating Your Employees Through Acceptance.

_____July/August 2012
Nuts: Part 1 – Walnuts; Nuts: Part 2 – Peanuts; Nuts: Part 3 – Pecans; Spin Up Sales with Cotton Candy; Smoothies, Frappes and Ice Coffee the Easy Way!; Better Business Credit

_____September/October 2012
Sunflowers for Wishes; Popcorn: The Perfect Profitable Pairing; Eight Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Awareness and Sales; Goodwill Split Equals Tax Savings; Can’t Live Without ‘Em: Seven Truths About Customers No Retailer Wants to Admit; Train in Vain: Why Your Customer Service Training May Be Missing the Mark; Trial by Fire: Eight Ways to Fight Entrepreneurial Fires and Constantly Improve in the Process.

_____November/December 2012
2013 Promotion Planning Guide & Industry Events Calendar; 2012 NICRA Promotions of the Year.

_____January/February 2013
21st Annual Source Book, Alphabetical Manufacturer Listings; Trade & Brand Names; Product
Listings; State Distributor Listings.

_____March/April 2013
2013 Industry Outlook – Questions & Answers; Wholesaling & Catering, A Profitable Addition to Sales; Vending Carts & Vehicles; Over the Fiscal Cliff for Tax Savings

_____May/June 2013
Cake Deccorating-From the Pan…to the Decorations…to Selling Ice Cream Cakes; Dairy and Vanilla Pricing, Outlook for 2013; Retail Improvements with the Help of Uncle (Sam, that is)

_____July/August 2013
Selecting Basic Equipment to Make & Serve Ice Cream; Equipment Maintenance – Cleaning and Sanitizing; Will Your New Hire Be a Good Team Player? Seven Interview Tips to Make Sure the Answer is Yes; Home Free with Home Office Deductions; Does Your Workplace Meet These Three Powerful Human Needs?

_____September/October 2013
Technology Update 2013: Choosing the Right POS Solution for Your Concept; 5 Tips for Choosing a POS System; Frozen Novelties, Simple Additions to Increase Profits; New Flavor Sensations for Ice Cream Parlors; Scheduling & Managing Employee Hours Electronically; Why Reputation Really, Really Matters to Customers and How to Create a Great One From the Ground Up

_____November/December 2013
Promotion Planning Guide & Industry Events Calendar; 2013 NICRA Promotions of the Year; The Small Employers Health Insurance Tax Credit; Creative Ideas to Perk Up Year-Round Sales

_____January/February 2014 
22nd Annual Source Book, Alphabetical Manufacturer Listings; Trade & Brand Names; Product
Listings; State Distributor Listings.

_____ March/April 2014
2014 Industry Outlook – Q & A; Freeze Out the Competition; Specialty Drink Recipes.

_____ May/June 2014
Vending Vehicles; Carefully and Legitimately Reducing the Cost of Business Vehicles; How to Recognize and Defuse Anger in the Workplace; The Facebook Trap: How Social Media Gets Co-opted by Traditional Marketing; Forget the “Likes” – How to Market Effectively Using Today’s Facebook – 3 Ways to Benefit from Paid Ads & Boosted Posts.

_____ July/August 2014
Nine Ways to Make Sure Your Small Business is Better Off in Four Years from Now; Get to Know Your Ice Cream for National Ice Cream Month this July; Establishing a Loyalty Program for Customers.

_____ September/October 2014
Virtual Equipment Diagnostics; Points to Consider When Replacing a Walk-in Freezer; Eight End-of-Year “Must Dos” for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners; New Rules to Impact the Lease/Buy Decision; Halloween Festivities; How to be a Reporter’s Favorite News Source.

_____ Nove/ber/December 2014
2015 Promotion Planning Guide & Industry Events Calendar; Promotion of the Year Submissions; Owning Up: How to Tap Into Your Employee’s Big Ideas and Get Them Thinking Like Owners.

_____January/February 2015 ($35)
23rd Annual Source Book, Alphabetical Manufacturer Listings; Trade & Brand Names; Product
Listings; State Distributor Listings.

_____ March/April 2015
2015 Industry Outlook – Q & A; Purchasing a Milkshake Machine; Milk Shake Recipes; Seven Cool Marketing Tips to Help You Reel in Customers; Money-In, Money-Out; The Five Most Common Reasons Restaurant Owners Are Sued and How to Avoid Them.