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_____March/April 2020
2020 Industry Outlook; Cash Flow Strategies and Profits; Love Fuels a Wow Culture

_____ May/June 2020
A business’s Guide to Coronavirus Survival; Leading in Uncertain Times; How Do I Let Good People Go at a Time Like This? Right now you Have Time to Work on Yourself

_____July/August 2020
CDC Guidelines for Reopening Restaurants; Happy Employees Don’t Jut Happen; Keeping Employees Safe as Businesses Start to Reopen; Why Relationship Building is the #1 Skill for 2020 and the Next Decade

_____ September/October 2020
Trade Show in the Magazine: Leaders: The Pandemic Has Revealed the Truth about Your Heart, Do You Like What You See?; Train in Vain: Why Your Customer Service Training May Be Missing the Mark

_____ November/December 2020
2020 Promotion of the Year Contest; 2021 Calendar of events & Promotion Planning Guide

_____ January/February 2021
29th Annual Source Book, Alphabetical Manufacturer Listings; Trade & Brand Names; Product Listings; State Distributor Listings