Advertising Rates

The National Dipper® 2024 Advertising Rates


Frequency rates are based on the total number of insertions used within a twelve month period. Rates INCLUDE full color.

Size 1x 3x 6x
Page $1730 $1617 $1524
1/2 island* 1236 1164 1092
1/2 page 1164 1133 1050
1/3 page 999 937 886
1/4 page 793 757 710
1/6 page 607 576 535
1/8 page 525 494 463

*No other advertising will be placed on the page


Additional to page rates, sold on a six time contract to full color, full page advertisers only. Advertisers who contract for cover positions have first option to renew.

Placement Price
Inside Front Cover $250
Inside Back Cover $315
Back Cover $400


No bleed charge. Bleed not available on units under 1/2 page.


The Yellow Pages are a complete resource guide for the ice cream retail industry.

Regular Listing:
1st line $415. per year
additional lines $395. per year

Boldface Listing:
1st line $520. per year
additional lines $415. per year

ALL CAP Listing:
additional $95. per line, per year.
Listings are sold on an annual basis and are non-commissionable. Payment must accompany order. Maximum 45 characters per line.


Available only in the January/February Source Book.

  • Black & White Source Book Inch – $140 each.
  • Yellow Source Book Inch – $175 each.
  • Full Color Source Book Inch- $225 each.

Additional Inch ads receive a 5% discount. Inches cannot be stacked.
Dimensions: 1″ high x 2-3/16″ wide. Inch ads are non-commissionable.


Classified ads are $1.80 per word, $54.00 minimum (30 words). Minimum rate of $54.00 does not include bold words. Bold words are $2.00 per word additional. New product, display advertising and companies whose regular products and/or services are being advertised are not accepted for classified ads. Payment must accompany order. No phone or fax orders. Classified ads are non-commissionable. Add $12.00 for blind box ads.


A 15% discount is offered to recognized agencies. Production charges are not commissionable. Ads designed, typeset, produced, or in any way created, in whole or part, by The National Dipper, will not receive an agency discount. Agency commission is not allowed on accounts paid after 30 days of invoice date.


All payment due upon receipt of invoice. Cash discounts not allowed. If the amount due is not paid in full 30 days from invoice date, the 15% agency commission will not be allowed, all future advertising will be cash with order and the sum of 1.5% per month interest and carrying charges and all costs of collection will be charged until the full amount is paid. After 30 days from date of invoice all sums due will be turned over for collection. If a signed contract is not received, advertisers will be billed at the one-time rate until a frequency rate is achieved within a twelve month period. Advertisers outside the continental United States must send payment with order.


Advertisers will be rebated if, within a twelve month period from the date of the first insertion, they have used sufficient additional space to warrant a lower rate than that at which they have been billed.


When new rates are issued, contract advertisers will be protected at their contract rates for the length of the current contract period.


Electronic files required using the following programs: QuarkXPress; Adobe InDesign; Adobe Illustrator; or Adobe Photoshop. Please see Electronic Document Guidelines and Checklist for more information.

Page size
3 columns (2-3/16″ or 13 picas) wide X 9-7/8″ deep or 2 columns (3-3/8″ or 20 picas) wide X 9-7/8″ deep.

Page trim size
8-1/2″ X 11″. Keep live matter 3/8″ from trim edge and/or gutter.

Ad Dimensions
Description Width Depth
Page 7" 9-7/8"
1/2 page island 4-9/16" 7-3/8"
1/2 page horizontal 7" 4-9/16"
1/2 page vertical 3-3/8" 9-7/8"
1/3 page square 4-9/16" 4-7/8"
1/3 page vertical 2-3/16" 9-7/8"
1/4 page – 20 picas 3-3/8" 4-7/8"
1/4 page square 4-9/16" 3-5/8"
1/6 page horizontal 4-9/16" 2-3/16"
1/6 page vertical 2-3/16" 4-7/8"
1/8 page horizontal 3-3/8" 2-3/16"
1/8 page vertical 2-3/16" 3-5/8"
Bleed Dimensions
Description Width Depth
2 Page Spread 17-1/4" 11-1/2"
Page 8-3/4" 11-1/2"
2/3 page 5-1/2" 11-1/2"
1/2 page horizontal 8-3/4" 5-1/2"
1/2 page vertical 4-1/2" 11-1/2"


The National Dipper is posted on our website on the 1st of the first month of publication, i.e. the January/February issue is posted January 1st. A Constant Contact email is sent to all subscribers with a link to the issue. Space orders, insertion instructions, correspondence, proofs, copy and electronic files for ads and all production materials must be addressed to: The National Dipper, 1532 Oregon Trail., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. E-mail:


Published six times a year:

Issue Date Deadline
January/February December 1
March/April February 8
May/June April 8
July/August June 8
September/October August 8
November/December October 8

Material deadline is four days after closing, i.e., the March/April issue closes February 8, material deadline is February 12th. A signed, dated insertion order must accompany materials or ad will not be run. Advertising contracts are non-cancelable. When a change of copy, covered by an insertion order, is not received in writing, by the closing date, copy received prior to closing will be inserted.


Complete layout, art services and typesetting are available from the publisher. A minimum charge of $75.00 for ads 1/2 page or smaller, larger ads will be charged at a minimum of $125.00. Ads with photos and/or graphics should add an additional $50.00 per photo or graphic. Advertiser will be billed for any additional charges over the minimum. Payment must accompany materials. Production charges are not commissionable. Agency commission will not be allowed on ads produced in whole or part by the publisher.


Advertisers and advertising agencies assume any liability for all content (including text, representation and illustration) of advertisements printed, and also assume responsibility for any claim arising therefrom made against the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to reject at any time any advertising which is not in keeping with the publication’s standards. The publisher assumes no liability for errors in the advertisers’ index. Publisher shall not be liable for any failure to print, publish or circulate all or any portion of any issue in which an advertisement accepted by the publisher is contained if such failure is due to acts of God, war, strikes, accidents or any other circumstances beyond the publisher’s control.


The National Dipper is edited for frozen dessert store owners and managers. Regular departments include industry news, association news, new products, calendar of events, recipes, letters to the editor. Feature articles are dedicated to helping owners sell more products. Features give owners information about products and services. Industry experts share their knowledge: selling techniques and management experiences. Profiles of successful stores are featured.


Subscriptions are available to qualified retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the frozen dessert and related industries. Subscribers must update their subscriptions on a yearly basis.


Lynda Utterback
The National Dipper
1532 Oregon Trail
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: (847) 301-8400